Bed Bug Bites VS Small Pimples

Do bed bug bites look like pimples? Is it acne or bed bug bites? Bed bug bites are strikingly similar to small pimples in that they are both small, clustered, red, and irritating. It may be difficult for someone still in puberty to distinguish between the two, and young teenagers will be eager to label any little spots on their faces as pimples.

Some of them even go out and buy a variety of facial treatments and skincare products to eradicate the spots, but they are unsuccessful. Due to a lack of understanding about recognizing the main cause of the spots, the person will become confused and mistake it for something else.

That is why it is critical to have sufficient knowledge to identify the underlying cause of any spot or rash you see on your skin, as this will allow you to treat it appropriately and take the necessary steps to eliminate any bugs that may be the cause.

This article aims to equip you with that knowledge. Even while bed bug bites and pimples have many similarities, with enough understanding of the two bites and attentive observation, there are some subtle differences that you may use to distinguish the two bites and establish what you’re dealing with.

Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like Pimples?

Bed bug bites are little itchy red lumps that appear on the skin as the skin begins to react negatively to bedbug bites. These unfavorable reactions will appear hours after the bedbugs have fled. However, not everyone will react the same way to bed bug bites 30% of people will not react.

When the body produces too much natural oil in a particular skin area, the oil can get into the skin’s pores. Because these oils are naturally filled with bacteria, the skin will try to fight it. As a result of the fight, small red bumps filled with pus (white or black) will appear. These bumps will have a black or white center and top, and these bumps are what we call pimples.

Bed Bug Bites VS Pimples

There is some key difference between a bug bite and a pimple. Understanding these differences will quickly put your mind to ease whether you’re dealing with bed bugs or not. Although they can both look similar, there are some big factors that will help you disqualify one or the other.

The location of the bites

In general, bed bug bites and pimples appear in areas where you leave exposed while sleeping; if you wake up, you will notice them on your face, arms, and legs. However, when observing a spot that occurred in an exposed location, there are some places where you can expect bed bug bites and some places that should tell you that the spots present are pimples.

Pimples are known to appear on the face, chin, back, neck, and, in rare cases, the buttocks. On the other hand, pimples appear in areas where oil glands are abundant; when these oil glands discharge a large amount of oil to the surface and are left there for an extended period of time, pimples materialize.

Texture and Appearance

They both have different textures and appearances: Do bed bugs bites have pus in them? No, they do not. If you examine the two spots closely and touch them, you will notice that bed bug bites are harder than pimples.

Bed bug bites are not filled with anything inside them, whereas pimples are loaded with pus. Besides, pimples can come from ingrown hair. Puss, ingrown hair, or bed bug bite are not things you can link together.

Itchy or painful?

Bed bug bites are quite itchy, while pimples might hurt: Under normal circumstances, pimples may become inflamed and painful, but they won’t itch. On the other hand, bed bites will itch because of a skin reaction; most times, when these reactions happen and these spots come out, they itch because there is nothing inside them. However, pimples are usually filled with pus, which doesn’t itch; scratching a spot filled with pus will most likely pop it.

Bed Bug on your Face

Bed bugs on your face are not very common. Bed bug bites appear on the face, neck, arms, and legs. This is because bed bugs are not concerned with whatever their victims may be hiding in their clothing; instead, when they want to attack, they go for the left open places and feed as a group at once.

Do Bed Bug Bites Have A Whitehead?

Unlike pimples, bed bug bites do not have a white head. Whiteheads are a sign of internal outbreaks, so bites from bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, or any other insect cannot have a white head. So in that same vein for those asking, do bed bug bites have a white center? The answer is no.

Which Bug Bite comes with Whiteheads?

Technically whiteheads are hair follicles clogged with oil, dirt, and bacteria. This means that they are a product of an internal bodily issue and not because of an external bit. So is there a bug bite that comes with whiteheads? The answer remains no.

Mosquito bite vs pimple

When a mosquito draws blood from the skin, it injects its saliva into the bloodstream, which causes the skin to react negatively, resulting in small red, itchy bumps that last three to four days. The symptoms of mosquito bites are similar to pimples, and both occur in areas where the victim is exposed while sleeping, but they have their differences. One can easily tell them apart with adequate knowledge and close observation.

Key Differences

  1. Mosquito bites are difficult to cluster, whereas pimples do so in most cases.
  2. If pimples are left untreated for 24 hours, they often develop pus, whereas mosquito bites do not.
  3. Mosquito bites are itchy, whereas pimples are painful.
  4. Mosquito bite bumps are harder than pimple bumps because there is no pus present in their bumps.

Do Bed Bug Bites Pop Like Pimples?

While bed bug bites are small and come in clusters like pimples, they don’t act or look the same way. This is due to pus in pimples that aren’t present in bed bug bites. If you look at the two spots, you’ll notice that the head of a pimple is somewhat pointed, and the head of a bed bug bite is also pointed, but the pimples are slightly more pointed than the bug bites.

So since pimples are filled with pus, they can easily pop when ripe enough. This can be done on its own or force it to pop when you notice the pimple is now soft.

Bed bug bites are not filled with any pus. They are just hardened due to the feeding of bed bugs, so when they need to heal, they won’t have to pop. They will diminish in size until they are not there anymore. So if you plan to pop your bed bug bite, you will end up hurting yourself and leaving a wound on your skin. Much like chickenpox and how it is unadvisable to pop them due to the dangers of scaring, bed bugs are in the same category.

Is it Acne or Bed Bug Bites?

There is a great way to differentiate them. Acne is a skin infection caused by oversecretion of the oil gland mixed with bacteria and dead cells. They break out from the body and are not directly caused by external forces.

They do not go independently and would generally require treatment and some dermatological care to clear off. However, bed bug bites are caused by an external force, bed bugs that bite or feed on humans as a host. They go on their own over time and won’t require any treatment. Both will cause swelling and irritation, but they are not of the same cause.

bed bug bites on face pimples whitehead

Besides, acnes are found more in the face and neck area, whereas bed bug bites can be found anywhere in the body. As long as it is exposed to an infested area, the bed bug bites and changes increase. But in general, bed bug bites will be found on the legs, ankle, arms, back, and thighs.

Finally, acnes do not come out in a cluster. Most times, you can see a break out of acne in a very random location, and most often, they come one at a time. But bed bug bites will appear in clusters in one location and on the same day.


Although bed bug bites and pimples have many similarities, one should be able to tell them apart without the assistance of a professional; all it takes is close observation and a thorough understanding of the two. The information provided in this article will assist you in identifying each of them so that you can make the best decision possi