How Much is a Bed Bug Exterminator?

If you’ve tried everything and now it’s time to consider hiring a professional, then contacting a bed bug exterminator is the next logical step. Like most, the looming cost can be just as scary as having bed bugs there in the first place. On average, the cost for bed bug extermination ranges between $350 and $500, but the average cost is $400.

The prices of bed bug exterminators vary greatly depending on various factors. In this article, we will discuss the differences that can affect the final price for your bed bug treatment cost.

rooms affected

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the room the more you will spend on bed bug extermination. Pest control professionals usually charge based on the size of the room, so if your room is bigger, then you are likely to pay more.

infestation Size

Another crucial factor that determines the cost is the severity of infestation. If the bed bug infestation in your home is more severe, you will pay more. The pest control professional will first inspect the entire area to determine the severity of the infestation, and if they realize that the infestation is heavier, they will be forced to use more products, and that means more cost.

construction of your home

How your home is built will also determine the overall cost of bed bug extermination. For instance, if your home is of pier and beam construction, then bed bugs could hide underneath, and that means more product to be used to exterminate them. This may increase the cost of bed bug extermination.

furniture pieces

If you have more furniture, then the cost of bed bug extermination will be higher. Most bed bug exterminators usually charge per hour. So, if you have more furniture, it means that they will use more products and labor to treat all furniture in your house. That will increase the overall cost of extermination.

bed bugs in furniture

Despite their name, bed bugs don’t just live in your bed. They will spread to find more places to live during the day until they can safely leave their home when it is time to feed. It is recommended to take whatever action you can to remove bed bugs from your mattress and try to keep them at bay using bed bug repellents such as creams or high-frequency emitters.

a bed bug exterminator’s Job

The first thing that a bed bug exterminator will do is perform a thorough inspection to determine the extent of infestation in your house. The inspection will also help the exterminator know the treatment option to use. You will then be given a detailed quote of how much the entire service will cost.

what does a bed bug exterminator do

Types of treatment available include heat treatments where hot air of between 130 and 150 degrees F is pumped in the infested areas, a steam treatment where steam is applied directly to the infested area, use of appropriate pesticides on the affected area, and freezing treatments where carbon dioxide technology is used freeze infested item thus killing the bed bugs. The type of treatment used will also determine the overall cost of bed bug extermination.

Once the level of infestation is determined and the type of treatment is decided, the exterminator will carefully spread the treatment in all the effaced areas. The exterminator may also perform additional services such as fumigation on the entire house upon your request but at an additional fee.

What should you expect after bed bug treatment?

After your home has been treated for bed bugs, you may be left wondering what you should expect. After the treatment, the exterminator will once again inspect to find out if the treatment was effective.

If it was effective, you should expect not to see any bed bugs moving around anymore. If you see even one, you should call the exterminator immediately, because it is a sign that the treatment was not effective. Many exterminators will tell you it is normal to see some bed bugs after treatment.

The reality is that an exterminator cannot possibly remove 100.00% of all bed bugs in your home. They are a pest, and pests are great at hiding and surviving. A proper treatment will take out a large part of their population, giving you a better chance of winning the war with them. It may take more than one exterminator treatment to get rid of them entirely.

What to do if you can’t afford a bed bug exterminator

There are lots of things you can do to do your own bed bug treatment. You can do your best to reduce the spread by using products to keep them away from you. You can also choose to leave your home for an extended period of time in an attempt to starve the bed bugs to death. The time it takes to starve bed bugs to death really depends on how well-fed they are when you leave your house.