Laundry Detergent That Kills Bed Bugs

Bed bug laundry detergent kills bed bugs on all levels, so even if you have an infestation in your home, you can count on it to eliminate the bugs in no time. In addition, it can be used on any washable fabric that has been contaminated.

It is simple to use and does not require any prerequisites for its application; it can stand on its own and be used alone. It will still work fine if you combine it with other detergents. However, those detergents are not necessary; add them to your clothes in your washing machine before you begin washing and observe the difference.

For those who have asked, does laundry detergent kill bed bug eggs? The answer is yes if you use a product like the F4 Formula.

Best Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

Best Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

The F4 Formula bed bug detergent uses scientifically proven active chemicals to combat bed bugs. It is safe on materials, produces no strong odors, and has no effect on the overall texture or color of the materials. It keeps everything looking and smelling fresh.

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Thousands of people in the United States rely on it. Your clothes will be free of bed bugs after just one wash. Whether you use it in conjunction with other detergents or its own, the outcomes will be the same. The F4 Formula can remove any stains from your clothes, even if you don’t have bed bugs on them.

It’s a multipurpose detergent that can be used for bed bug treatment and regular laundry. This product can also remove bed bugs from other materials besides clothing, such as the vacuum cleaner and washing machine, the floor, briefcases, purses, baggage, etc. It doesn’t matter what you use it for. It will effectively eliminate bed bugs and germs.

It eliminates bed bugs and a host of other insects upon contact: The bed bugs are already dead before starting the washer. It has unique compounds that kill insects and bacteria on contact.

free of scent and stain

There are no bleaching agents in the F4 Formula. It eliminates stains, destroys bacteria, and kills insects without fading the fabric’s color. You don’t have to be concerned about the fabric’s color before using it because it will clean all colors and keep them looking new and bright.

You can also rest assured that your garments will not have an off-putting odor after being washed. The F4 Formula aids in the fight against foul odors in clothing by destroying the source of the odor with its active substances and delivering its scent so that the fabric smells fresh after washing.

safe to use

The F4 Formula is safe to use and is not harsh on the hands for individuals who prefer to hand wash their clothes. It’s delicate and mild, so there’s no need to worry about irritation after washing. It’s gentle on fabrics and the hands.

dissolves in water

The F4 Formula is not difficult to use; simply pour it into the water, and it will dissolve entirely, turning the water into a solution that will kill bacteria and insects.

Works under any temperature

The F4 Formula will execute its functions as indicated above regardless of the temperature of the water. It’s a concentrated solution created specifically to combat bacteria and insects. The temperature of the water has no bearing on its performance.

Kills Bed Bugs Eggs

Not all laundry detergents can kill bed bugs or their eggs; it takes a detergent with a very high concentration to kill bed bugs and their eggs. Formula F4 is highly concentrated and specially designed to attack bed bugs’ central nervous systems, rendering them unable to survive in the solution.

It only takes one wash. If you don’t like detergents, Formula F4 has also produced a laundry soap that kills bed bugs, which you can test out, though the detergent is generally gentle on hands and clothing.

Bed Bug Spray VS Laundry Detergent

Many have asked, can you put bed bug spray in with laundry in the washer? The answer is yes. Bed bug sprays will kill bed bugs once they contact them in the washer. However, the best approach is to apply them while the clothes are still in the plastic bag and allow them to stay with the clothing for about thirty minutes before placing them in the washer.

It’s good to kill the bugs first if your detergent isn’t strong enough to get rid of them. Ammonia is a chemical that can be used to kill bed bugs and even their eggs. Many people use ammonia in laundry bed bugs because it disintegrates insect shells when it comes into contact.

However, because the F4 Formula detergent is powerful enough to eradicate insects and eggs, no bug killers need to be sprayed on the laundry before washing. It does not need to be used in conjunction with any other washing regimen; simply do your regular laundry and use it as any other detergent to achieve the desired results.

Laundry Bags with bed bug detergent

Bed bug laundry bags are plastic bags intended to keep contaminated clothes contained for a limited period. Most people put bed bug-infested clothes in a bag and wait for them to die before washing them.

Because bed bugs can’t escape, it’s best to use a plastic bag. Ensure the opening where you’ll be putting the clothes is well sealed. When cleaning soiled or bed bug-infested clothes, always utilize this method. The unclean ones should go in first, followed by the infested ones. This ensures that the initial batch is not infected with bugs as well.

You must apply a chemical to those clothes while they are in the bag, or the bugs will not die. They can live for up to five months in a plastic bag. In such circumstances, ammonia or rubbing alcohol can assist in killing the bugs while they are still in the bag. However, you must inspect the bag for movement before opening it to prevent the bugs from escaping.

For Laundry Which Can’t Be Washed

Bed bug solutions are available if you have ever asked what to do for laundry, which cannot be washed. “Dry clean only” laundry should be put in the dryer. In the presence of extreme heat, bed bugs will perish. When you put your clothing in the dryer, turn up the heat and keep it there for around thirty minutes to kill any bugs in the dryer. However, before you begin, you should read the garment’s description.

Because of the fabric used in their manufacture, some outfits should not be made to endure such high temperatures. Stretch it to its limit and let it sit in the dryer for around 30 minutes once you’ve determined the temperature it shouldn’t be exposed to.


Look no further if you’re wondering what laundry detergent to wash bed bug clothing in. The F4 Formula bed bug detergent is ideal for removing bed bugs from your fabric in only one wash. It does not necessitate the use of any extra additives or a specific washing temperature.

Simply wash your clothes as you would with other detergents to achieve the desired results. Other applications for this product include stain and odor removal. Give it a shot right now.