What Can I Put On My Body To Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Controlling a bedbug infestation is one of the most dreadful moments in your entire lifetime. These small insects are a horrible nightmare to any person they attack.

Continuous bed bug bites may damage your skin, leaving it with spots and rashes. If you’re looking looking for how to repel bed bugs from biting you, you are in the right place.

In this post, we share all kinds of repellent ideas to keep bed bugs off your body…off your skin!

Why You’re Being Bitten

Bed bugs feed exclusively on the blood of animals, particularly warm-blooded animals. For them to survive and develop, they must have regular blood meals. This definitely means that they bite to feed.

Notably, bed bugs prefer feeding on humans, but they will bite other warm-blooded animals, including birds, cats, dogs, and rodents. Even though bed bugs bite humans, they are not known to transmit diseases to them.

If you have ever had bed bugs, you already know how these small creatures can be vexing – they keep coming and biting. So, is it possible to stop them from biting? Yes, you can stop bed bugs from biting you. There are different things you do to keep bed bugs from reaching you, including wearing pyjamas or applying repellent.

Natural Repellents That Work

Making your home clean doesn’t mean you can’t get bed bug infestation. Considering that they travel, it means they can invade your home and even stay forever if not controlled. It’s a good idea to look into all the natural remedies to kill or repel bed bugs.

Here are some of the solutions that still work today.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has some unique fatty acids that have long-lasting insect repelling properties. Research shows that coconut foil can repel bedbugs, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies for about two weeks. You can apply the oil to your skin and reduce the chances of being bitten.

You can continue to apply it to areas where you want protection, and the coconut oil will keep bed bugs from biting you

Essential oils

Essential oils have a good rap as a practical solution to repel bed bugs. Many people consider it a safer pest repellent solution. Interestingly enough, you can use essential oils around kids and pets. There are a lot of options when it comes to using essential oils, and some work better than others.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has a strong scent that masks the smell of sweat, which attracts bed bugs. Although it doesn’t kill all bed bugs on contact, it is a healthier solution. Because it is non-toxic, you can spray as much as you wish. It’s worth a shot if you’re willing to try using tea tree oil against bed bugs before considering using more aggressive tactics.

Lavender Oil

One of the more famous essential oils for this problem, many people swear that lavender oil works for getting rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Should You Use Rubbing Alcohol?

One of the most natural insecticides is rubbing alcohol, but should you put it on your body to repel bed bugs? Although it won’t work to repel bed bed bugs, rubbing alcohol is proven to kill on contact. This applies to eggs as well. Unless you’re spraying them directly, it won’t have any effect to keep them off of you. Additionally, you may end up drying out your skin, which can cause it to crack.

Creams, Sprays, And Lotions

There are a variety of bed bug repellents on the market, ranging from creams and lotions to sprays. If you’re not looking to use natural remedies, these products can be an effective way to keep bed bugs at bay.

Most bed bug repellents contain chemical compounds that work to repel or kill bed bugs. However, it’s important to read the label carefully to make sure that the product is safe to use and effective against bed bugs.

Some products may only be effective against certain life stages of bed bugs, so it’s important to choose a product that will work against all stages of their life cycle. With our research, you can find a bed bug repellent that will work for you.

Bug Bite Soother Spray​

bug soother spray

If you’ve already been bitten, you’ll want to treat the bug bites quickly before they become irritated. Although it is meant for soothing your bug bites, the natural ingredients found in these products are known to keep bugs away.

This Bug Soother travel spray is safe around people, pets, and plants, and is non-toxic. It does not require any special handling, making it an excellent choice for most lifestyles. Use it to add a layer of defense you wouldn’t have otherwise.

It doesn’t just keep bugs away, it also works as an anti-itch cream for existing bites on your skin. If you’re already dealing with some bites, then you’ll be happy to hear this also provides relief for bug bites.

Whether you’re being bitten by bed bugs or maybe you’ve received just a spider bite, this cream will help in dealing with it.


When fighting against bed bug infestation, it is good to understand the various remedies you can use. There are plenty of sprays, creams, and lotions that are completely safe around people and pets that prevent bed bugs from biting you. With the above solutions, you will find it easy to repel or kill these annoying creatures.

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