Where to Sleep If You Have Bed Bugs

Have you ever thought of where to sleep if you have bedbugs, or are you afraid of touching your bed or sleeping on it after you have discovered that it has been infested with bedbugs? It is very normal to be afraid in such instances.

However, does that mean you will be awake all through the night, or you will have to call a friend or a loved one to pass the night in their house? No, you don’t need to go through all that because there are solutions to it. In this article, we show you the best alternatives to sleeping in your own bed if you have bed bugs.

Change Your Room

Changing your room is also one of the ways to deal with the issue of where to sleep if you have bedbugs. If bedbugs infest your bedroom, then you can change your room for the time being. But this option works best if you have more than a one-room apartment.

If not, then there are other options. However, before moving into another room, make sure that you have no bedbugs sticking with anything you are moving along with you into the other room. Also, make sure you do a quick and thorough treatment on the infested room so that you will not spread more bedbugs around the house.

Sleep On Tiles

If your room is infested with bedbugs, another option you have is sleeping on a tiled floor (if you have one). This is because bedbugs cannot and will generally avoid crawling on them. Tiles tend to slow down their steps.

There is still the chance of it dying between tile cracks, but this is rare, especially if the tiles are near a window with sunlight. However, in the meantime, it is safer to sleep there pending the time you can get rid of the bedbugs completely.

Make Use of The Carpet

Using carpet to sleep is one option that easily works whenever there is a challenge of where to sleep if you have bedbugs. Certain carpets and mats are not favorable places for bedbugs. Carpets and rugs with cotton-like fabric or different styles and folding patterns make a perfect spot for bedbugs.

Other materials, however, are safe. Your carpets will all generally be safe from bedbugs as long as you don’t transfer them from your bed. Bedbugs live more in beds and, on occasion, furniture. Carpets are generally the last option for them, except when transplanted through infested clothes or pillows. Sometimes bed bugs can survive through washers and dryers. Wash and dry your clothes thoroughly.

Set up A Camping Tent Outdoor

This is one of the safest places to sleep when you discover that your room is under the attack of bedbugs. According to research, outdoor camping tents naturally do not harbor bedbugs unless someone brings them along.

Therefore, whenever you want a safe alternative room, find an outdoor camping place to stay until you get rid of the bedbugs in your room. Besides, outdoors is a safe option since bedbugs do not do well outside and with sunlight.

Sleep In Your Car

If you are a car owner, in this instance, you can use your car until your room is ideal for sleeping. However, be cautious of not carrying along properties from your infested beds. These can transplant the bugs to the car.

Sleep in a Protective Sleeping Bag

Another thing you can use to safeguard yourself if your room is infested is by using a sleeping bag to keep bed bugs off your body. A sleeping bag is reliable to use because it covers your body completely from bedbugs while you are asleep. One of the reasons you should rely on the sleeping sack is because they have been tested and certified to keep bedbugs at bay while asleep

Other things to help you when you are looking for where to sleep if you have bedbugs are keeping the lights on while sleeping in a sleeping sack, tiles, or carpet. This helps in no small way because bedbugs are nocturnal insects. They dislike the sight of light. When you put your lights on, they become so scared of coming close to disturb your sleep.


Where to sleep if you have bedbugs is one of the questions raising concerns over the years. That is why this article has provided some reliable alternatives that can be trusted to safeguard you pending the time you can get rid of the bedbugs. However, it is always best to make sure your environment is clean by taking all the preventive measures against infestation of bedbugs serious.